Processes and procedures

Disciplinaries and Grievances

Even with the very best employers, there are times when things go wrong. Whether an employee is not happy with the conduct of the business or their behaviour or performance warrants disciplinary action, it’s vital to have the right level of disciplinary and grievance support for your business. Abigail and her team are highly experienced in supporting and advising both employers and employees throughout any disciplinary and grievances, giving you peace of mind that the issues with be handled efficiently and fairly.


Employment Law 

As you’ll know, employment law is constantly changing and new legislation is introduced on a regular basis. We provide support and advice to give your organisation a full and consistent approach to managing your team, and peace of mind that your business is covered.


Induction Programmes

When you hire the perfect people for your business, it’s just the beginning of your journey. If you want it to be a positive experience for both of you, a great induction can help them get them up to speed with the job and familiarise themselves with the practicalities of working for you, as well as your company culture and practices. It’s not just about making them feel comfortable, it’s about building a positive relationship which will encourage loyalty and improve staff retention and productivity in the long term.

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